Aaron Rodgers Supports LeBron James and Urges Athletes to Ignore President Trump


Surprise, surprise. Another athlete is siding with LeBron James in his current feud with President Trump.

After the President essentially called LeBron stupid following an interview about his new school I Promise, big names across all sports have come to his aid. We’ve already seen one of the greatest in his own sport support him, and now a big name from the NFL has been seen in LeBron’s corner.

Aaron Rodgers has backed James and supported all the positive work he’s done.

Some may wonder why he won’t go after the President in support of James or stoop to his level by tweeting his frustrations, but James had the perfect reason for why he’s been silent. Rodgers said that James has had no problem standing on his own two feet and doesn’t need anyone’s help against Trump.

This mostly has to do with the second part of Rodgers’ plan to stop this feud between athletes and President Trump. Instead of feeding into it, just ignore the man. Plain and simple.

It may be easy for people to blast the President for his comments and decisions when it comes to the sports world, but this ties into something James actually said earlier. He believes President Trump is using sports to divide the country. Instead of letting him, ignore it until it stops occurring.

It may sound too simple to be true, but it’s the best plan anyone has yet.