Bills and Former Browns QB Derek Anderson Retires From NFL


After the NFL Draft, there will be player movement between teams. A lot of movement. But most of this early movement comes from the rookies who are participating in mini-camps. Teams have a general idea of the players on their roster and their team’s biggest needs moving forward. What most teams don’t account for is unexpected retirements.

After 13 seasons in the ​NFL, Buffalo Bills quarterback Derek Anderson has called it quits. Anderson served as a third string quarterback for the Bills last season playing behind both Josh Allen and Matt Barkley.

The ​Bills seem to not be losing much accept for an occasional fill in player and rumors are beginning to circulate on who will fill his third string roster spot. Many believe this will give rookie ​Tyree Jackson a chance to fill in and possibly begin to make a name for himself in the NFL.

Reports also say that following Anderson’s retirement, the Bills look to keep Josh Allen at the starting quarterback position and Matt Barkley in the second string spot.