BREAKING: Reuben Foster Has Marijuana Charges Dropped


What a week it’s been for the 49ers linebacker.

First, Reuben Foster was cleared of domestic violence charges after his girlfriend admitted she lied to the police. The good news train came rolling into station once again as the second-year pro has had more legal luck.

Foster’s marijuana case has been dismissed after the linebacker took a diversion course.

​​The first case was obviously much bigger, but having a second-degree charge dropped is definitely good for business.

Just over a month ago, it looked like Foster’s career could be in jeopardy with all of the legal trouble he was in.

Now, he has just one more issue in front of him as he still faces a misdemeanor charge for the possession of an assault rifle.

​​Foster is certainly on the way up, but he’s not out of the woods yet as he could still face discipline from the league. He was in the NFL’s drug program after he tested positive at the combine.

We all know how Roger Goodell loves to hand out suspensions to those who smoke pot, so he may not be expecting to collect every single game check this season.

Still, a suspension beats all the trouble that could’ve gone his way.