Brother of Eagles DE Derek Barnett Killed by Hit-and-Run Drunk Driver in Nashville


Fresh off a dominant victory for the Eagles on Monday night against the Redskins, heartbreak has now taken over inside the locker room.

In this case, especially for young defensive end Derek Barnett.

On Tuesday, it’s been reported Barnett’s older brother David, 33, was killed in a DUI hit-and-run accident in Nashville.

Simply awful.

According to The Associated Press, a 47-year-old man drove into oncoming traffic and hit David’s car.

As mentioned by ProFootballTalk, the man, listed as Felipe Castelblanco, admitted to arresting officers that he had been drinking whiskey. He was taken to jail and is now facing vehicular homicide.

Barnett, currently on Injured Reserve with a torn rotator cuff, is in his second season with the Eagles. As a rookie last campaign, he appeared in 15 games, posting 21 tackles. This fall before going down with his injury, the 6-3, 260-pounder had 16 tackles and 2.5 sacks to his name.