Cliff Avril Says Russell Wilson’s Super Bowl INT Broke Seattle’s Locker Room


We’ve heard before that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll lost the locker room. Now, another player is saying something similar.

Cliff Avril believes Seattle ended up questioning their head coach, but it wasn’t all his fault. It was the infamous interception that ended their Super Bowl, and potentially cost them more in the future.

The former Seahawk claims that Russell Wilson’s interception was the beginning of the end for Seattle as it derailed the locker room.

It’s borderline ridiculous that players can’t get past that one Super Bowl, but you can’t blame him for looking at what could have been now that he’s retired.

The decision to throw on the one-yard line was certainly questionable. It’s easy to call it stupid in hindsight, but Avril believes that decision affected the mindset of players moving forward. It would have been easy to follow the head coach who brought home two Super Bowls. Following the man who cost you one? Not as easy.

While it’s Carroll’s fault for making that play call, the rest is on the players. Allowing one play to affect the future of the franchise is not something that should happen in a locker room of veterans. Accept defeat, and try to bring home another one the next year or the year after.

It’s crazy what could have been if they just ran the ball with Marshawn Lynch.