Dak Prescott Took a Subtle Jab at NFL Kneelers and Got Destroyed in Instagram Comments


Dak Prescott is taking after Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones- he doesn’t know when to just sit back and shut up.

Prescott pissed off a number of NFL players and fans alike when he called out protesters by saying the National Anthem was not the time or the venue to take a knee. To be fair, that’s just the headline, as he said he believed action should now be the necessary next step everyone takes. But still, why ignite that fire?

One man who has been taking said action is LeBron James. While praising the King, Prescott took a shot at those who are kneeling instead of moving forward to get proper justice.

Bringing up one of the greatest moments in LeBron’s life was nice, but it was the caption that was just unnecessary. It reads, Actions!!! Simply Amazing! This isn’t Changing the Game; It’s Changing Lives, Cultures, and Generations To Come! The UPMOST RESPECT #TrueLeader #GreatestInAllSports.

Come on, man. You could’ve just praised James for opening up a new school and making a change. You don’t have to call out those who are trying to make a difference in a separate way.

Naturally, those on social media wouldn’t let this slide as they destroyed Dak accordingly.

Yeah, it was quite brutal.

You can always count on the social media police to bring the hammer down with their proper understanding of keyboard justice.