Dez Bryant Deletes Instagram Post Revealing What Team He Wants to Play for


Over a month and a half ago, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was released after eight seasons with the team.

The former Pro Bowl wide receiver has hinted that he wants to stay in the NFC East so that he could play the Cowboys twice a year as a form of revenge. However, none of those teams have really shown any interest so it may be time for him to move on.

When a fan on Instagram asked Dez what team he wants to play for next season, he instinctively answered. A few minutes later, the comment was deleted, but evidence of his response still remains.

One of Dallas’ biggest problems with Bryant revolved around his pay coinciding with his production. He was simply not as good of a receiver as he was being paid to be as time went on. Many other teams are acknowledging this as well and have their own doubts about him.

With that being said, the 49ers could use a wideout of Bryant’s caliber. And who knows, maybe a change of scenery could help him.