Eagles Rb Jay Ajayi Being Sued $25k For Trashing Mansion After Super Bowl Win


Philadelphia Eagles running back Jay Ajayi celebrated winning the Super Bowl by renting out a glamorous 6,000 square foot mansion in Hollywood Hills for five days. Now the owner of that mansion is suing Ajayi for $25,000, alleging that he and his friend trashed the place.

According to the lawsuit, the owner claims Ajayi threw three parties at the mansion despite the fact that they were specifically told parties were not allowed. For each of the alleged parties, the owner charged Ajayi $5,000.

The owner also says Ajayi broke a table, scratched some floors, and violated the no smoking rule, ultimately racking up $25,000 in penalty fees. However, the owner says that Ajayi refused to pay. He further alleges that when he confronted Ajayi on February 18, the 24-year-old NFL star “pushed [him] on [his] chest in a menacing and threatening manner.”

The owner of the mansion describes the shove as “battery,” and says he had to call local security to remove Ajayi from the property.

According to a rep for Jay Ajayi, all the accusations are completely false. He says Ajayi did not host parties, did not cause any damage to the home, and did not shove the owner. In fact, the rep says it was the owner of the mansion who acted inappropriately by asking Ajayi to circumvent AirBnB by paying in cash. As a result of this request, the rep says Ajayi and his friend left the mansion a few days early, but still paid the full amount.

Something tells me the truth about this situation lies somewhere in between what everybody is saying about it. Stay tuned.