Eagles Roster Has More Unranked Recruits Than 5-Stars and That’s Amazing


NFL analysts and fans alike have spoken very highly of the talent laced throughout the Philadelphia Eagles roster this offseason. From All-Pro tight end Zach Ertz, to All-Pro defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, the Birds are loaded on both sides of the ball as they enter the 2019 season.

But what may come as a surprise to some, is that the Eagles roster isn’t compiled with a bunch of 5-star high school recruits like most great teams in the NFL. Rather, head coach Doug Pederson has fostered a roster full of unranked high school prospects.

Although the team has more unranked players than 5-stars on their roster – 23 unranked to 10 5-star recruits – it’s worth noting that some of these unranked prospects became studs in college. Pro Bowl right tackle Lane Johnson, for example, was a 0-star high school quarterback before switching positions at the next level, and now he’s one of the best tackles in the NFL.

But nevertheless, the fact that Philly brought home a Super Bowl title just two years ago with the bulk of this roster is astounding. It just goes to show that surface level talent isn’t everything in the NFL – it takes a great team atmosphere and coaches who know how to develop and get the most out of their players.

Hats off to Doug Pederson and the rest of his coaching staff. Without them and their ability to create a winning culture and develop talent, the Birds may still be ringless.