Eli Manning Throws Shade Right Back at Jalen Ramsey Over His QB Comments


Jacksonville Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey, went on an absolute rampage in an interview with GQ, in which he called out a myriad of NFL quarterbacks over their overall lack of ability to play the game.

While some have yet to respond to Ramsey’s criticism, some such as Bills rookie Josh Allen took no time in firing back at the 23-year-old defensive back.

Even more recently, New York Giants veteran QB Eli Manning was asked about the comments made by Ramsey, and he made it clear he would not be taking any disrespect from a guy who is entering his third year in the league.

Manning originally responded with, “No comment,” before questioning the media by asking who originally stated these blurbs.

There was absolutely no question that Manning had no time for some trash talk from a third-year player, as he knew his reputation shouldn’t be put in the spotlight by a youngster.

This is absolutely gold, with Manning taking no prisoners in his response. He managed to throw shade right back at the young cornerback from Jacksonville.

What truly makes this response from the Giants quarterback so great, though, is the simple fact that not many would expect Manning to actually respond in such a strong way.

The back and forth between both Eli Manning and Jalen Ramsey will be settled on the field this year, with the Giants and Jaguars facing off on Sept. 9.