Fan Climbs Fence at Eagles Camp and Starts Iconic E-A-G-L-E-S Chant


While the beginning of training camps for NFL teams have signaled that we are even closer to the beginning of the regular season, one fan apparently just can’t wait to start up the chants. The ​Philadelphia Eagles were treated to one of their loyal fans climbing a fence to get a view of the practice facility and starting a chant to serenade the players.

Oh, Philly fans.

Apparently, the fan also had a great view of the practice, which is evidenced by this tweet from a user claiming to have been the madman who climbed the fence.

The Eagles are ready to defending their first ever Super Bowl title, and the fans couldn’t be more amped. Everyone in Philly is anticipating their beloved squad to run through the NFC once again, and with this type of energy around the city, it may just happen.

That’s Philadelphia dedication, folks.