Janoris Jenkins Asked Cops to Check on His House Before Dead Body Was Found There


The plot thickens in the Jenkins family drama that resulted in William Jenkins, brother of New York Giants cornerback Janoris, being charged with aggravated manslaughter after allegedly killing family friend Roosevelt Rene. That was back in June, but now reports have surfaced claiming that Janoris called local police just hours before Rene’s body was found at his house in New Jersey, asking them to check the place out for him while he was out of town.

Jenkins was in Florida at the time of the murder, but got a message from a friend saying he saw the door to his house open when he was passing by it. Concerned, the ​Giants DB asked a friend to call the local police to check it out. Apparently, nobody was supposed to be in the house at the time, not even William.

Of course, the police search resulted in the dead body of Rene being found — contrary to an initial report that a house worker had found it — resulting in the charges against William.

This is certainly an odd development in the story. Perhaps Jenkins knew more all along than was initially let on. Perhaps he just had a hunch that happened to be correct. Either way, with the preseason coming to an end, the cornerback is surely hoping to put the incident in the rear-view mirror as he and the G-Men get ready to take the field for a bounce-back camp