Jerry Jones Destroys Roger Goodell’s Anthem Policy With Latest Comments on Cowboys


Just when you think the National Anthem debate in the NFL is cooling off, another bombshell is dropped that sends the masses into hysteria.

And who better to deliver another haymaker than Jerry Jones?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced that all Dallas players must stand for the anthem during games, and will not be permitted to stay in the locker room, which goes against the supposed policy agreed upon this past March.

This offseason’s controversy, kickstarted by Roger Goodell’s solo ruling, only escalated after President Donald Trump decided to take a break from running the country ​to criticize the league’s players for kneeling during the anthem once more. Trump continued that if a player were to protest on two occasions, he should be suspended for the rest of the season without pay.

Despite Jones’ stance on the pregame protests, he does remain critical of President Trump’s involvement in theAanthem issue, calling his tweets “problematic” and wishing it would “just go away.”

The debate always seems to quiet down until an owner speaks out about it, which sends those interested back to their keyboards. Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross stood as an example last week, as he announced ​Miami players would be suspended up to four games if they were to protest the anthem.

In turn, the NFL had to save face and release a statement, saying they are currently talking with the NFLPA on how to handle the topic at hand.

Now Jones has only further fanned the flames of this controversial subject.