JJ Watt Sends Funny Tweet to Texans After Mike Trout Signs for $430 Million


​J.J. Watt’s got jokes.

The five-time All-Pro defensive end had a question for the Houston Texans after news broke that Los Angeles Angels outfielder ​Mike Trout signed for an astounding 12-years, $430 million on Tuesday.

Ay man, shoot your shot.

Watt signed a six-year, $100 million extension (about $52 million guaranteed) with Houston back in 2014 and is coming off of an incredible bounce-back season with the Texans after the previous two years were marred by injury. J.J. racked up 16 sacks and a Pro Bowl appearance while being named first-team All-Pro in 2018.

From the Texans perspective, at least Watt is saying he’d like to be with the team for the long haul (shrugs).

We all know that no ​NFL player will ever see the payday that a high-level baseball player like Trout will, but hopefully the league is trending towards Kirk Cousins type deals with fully guaranteed money for the dangerous game that they play.