Jon Gruden Bragging About Stealing Derrick Johnson From Chiefs Makes No Sense


Whether on the sideline, at the podium, or on ESPN, ​new-​Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden is notorious for opening that large mouth of his.

Even if it doesn’t always add up.

There has been a long string of instances where Oakland has come in to collect the leftovers of the Kansas City Chiefs, primarily occurring during Gruden’s first reign as Raiders head coach in the late 90’s, continuing until this very day.

In regards to scooping ​LB Derrick Johnson after he was cut by Kansas City, Gruden explained to the Kansas City Star, “We love stealing from the Chiefs. So now we’ve got Derrick Johnson, and I’m on my way to the Raiders store to pick up a Derrick Johnson Raiders jersey. I’m going to wear it home tonight.”

The comments dished on Gruden’s end appear more about the disdain each organization has towards one another, as Johnson is a player well-past his prime. In 2018, Johnson, 35, started 15 games while recording seven defended passes, one forced fumble, and 71 total tackles.

Gruden however claims his remarks are more so about the impact Johnson will have on his club, “Well, we feel like we have solidified the middle of our defense big time.”

Johnson was on the downswing in Kansas City, and Gruden suggesting otherwise is just poking the bear. We don’t mind it–the NFL could always use more drama. But let’s be real, this wasn’t highway robbery.

We’ll see how the Johnson era in Oakland plays out. As for the two clubs however expect nothing less than a bout of bad blood in 2018.