JR Smith Responds to Michael Irvin After Cowboys Legend Dissed Him in Instagram Post


Man, what we would do to get these two guys in the same room to listen to just two minutes of their conversation.

Outspoken Cowboys legend Michael Irvin and Cavaliers sharpshooter JR Smith are one of the more intriguing characters in all of sports, and the two crossed paths on social media after Game 6 between the Cavs and Celtics on Friday night.

Irvin, who is a big fan of Smith’s, apparently got a bit fed up watching JR’s struggles continue to be on full display in this series, and he took to Instagram to let it be known.

The caption reads: “I don’t know what has happened to my dude @cavs@TheRealJRSmith he used to shoot the air out of the ball…….. Now it seems like he is just shooting air balls. ???”

While that post was likely some combination of savagery and motivation, Smith, the good sport that he sometimes shows he can be, took it as the latter and had a pretty humble response:

That a boy, JR. Respond with class and get back to work, because man, that shooting stroke needs work and you absolutely have to step up to help the Cavs win Game 7 in Boston to reach the NBA Finals.

Smith will need a big turnaround on Sunday to make up for his 7-for-26 effort from beyond the arc this series.