Le’Veon Bell’s Instagram Comment About Steelers’ O-Linemen Proves He’s Clueless


We’ve all had enough. It’s gone beyond Steelers Nation. NFL fans are fed up with Le’Veon Bell’s charade and now he’s actually starting to alienate his teammates, which is something that’s only been speculated upon until his offensive linemen finally ​publicly trashed him.

Somehow, Bell is surprised by this. Yup, he’s taken aback by the criticism for STILL not reporting to the team with their Week 1 game just days away AFTER it was determined two months ago that he would not be getting a long-term deal and instead would play under the lucrative one-year franchise tag.


The man is clueless. He has no idea his actions are affecting his teammates, many of whom are making a lot less money than he is. Bell can keep using the “long-term security” as an excuse, but he’s making $14.54 million this year if he signs the franchise tender, and he’ll CERTAINLY be getting a big deal in the offseason assuming he actually plays.

Even if he were to suffer an injury, a majority of teams would still pay to have his skill set on their offense.

But no. Bell has taken this way too far, and now he may have reached the point of no return. To know you weren’t getting a long-term deal two months ago and still pout about it at this juncture of the offseason is ​selfish and childish.

Now, after this behavior and the fact that it doesn’t look like he’ll be playing Week 1, he’s definitely going to have a tough time finding himself a long-term deal next offseason.


  1. He’s getting bad advice from his agent. I place a lot of the blame there. But he is a man and can make his own decisions. Just report already. This is not helping your case for a long term deal next year.

  2. It’s a dam football game, why do the players think they are super heroes? Wanna be a hero join the service and serve your country! No one is worth millions and millions of dollars to play a game!walk through a childrens hospital,see the real heroes saving these children,walk in their shoes than tell me how important you are! To them it’s no game they are saving lives and our service men and women are protecting yours,So grow up play your game spend your millions and look to be a hero some other way cause you sure as hell aren’t one in my eyes! Just saying!


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