Marcus Mariota’s Injury is Being Compared to One That Ended Denard Robinson’s Career


We can all remember not too long ago when Michigan dual-threat quarterback, Denard Robinson ​tore up the Big 10 Conference ​and went on to play professionally with the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, Robinson suffered significant nerve damage on a play when his arm was stepped on and he was eventually forced to retire due to the damage sustained from the injury.

Fast forward five years, and the same comparisons are being made about Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Now, it’s important that we don’t jump to conclusions because Titans head coach Mike Vrabel ​told the media that he’s optimistic his quarterback will play on Sunday against the Texans.

But to make matters even more interesting, NFL experts are now saying that both Mariota AND backup Blaine Gabbert could see the field on Sunday.

Vrabel seems to be taking this situation day to day, and the closer we get to Sunday, the more information we’ll know. One thing’s for certain: the Titans are praying the injury isn’t close to the same magnitude as Robinson’s.