Mark Ingram Has Hilarious Pun for Taysom Hill’s ‘Nickname’


​Mark Ingram is back from suspension, and is in line to make his season debut for the New Orleans Saints on Monday against the Washington Redskins. Ingram will reunite with his “Zoom and Boom” partner, Alvin Kamara, to bring back one of the most effective backfield tandems in the league.

On Thursday, however, he was asked not simply about himself or Kamara or the legendary Drew Brees, but rather a down-the-docket member of the Saints attack: reserve quarterback Taysom Hill.

Get it?

Hill has become the team’s Swiss Army knife,​ mixing it up and making surprising things happen. He can come in relief of Drew Brees to run some read options, and even throw same fake punt passes. Hell, he can return kickoffs as well.

As for Ingram, he has shown he’s a team player. Whether it’s coming up with snappy nicknames for his teammates or ​meeting the Saints at the airport after big wins, the man just loves his team.

Hill’s nickname will stay around for a long time, as it will no doubt be a fixture of meme culture for the foreseeable future.