NFL Prospect Threatens Cowboys Coaches In The Worst Way If They Didn’t Draft Him


Keyon Reed has a dream of making it to the NFL and took every measure necessary to make sure that happens.

According to TMZ Sports, Reed threatened the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff in the worst way in hopes of the team drafting him in the 2018 Draft:

“A SWAT team in Florida raided the home of a former college football player — after cops say he threatened several Dallas Cowboys members after not getting selected in the NFL Draft.

The Melbourne Police Dept. has confirmed the SWAT team was dispatched to the home of 26-year-old Keyon Reed — who played linebacker for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga until 2012.

Cops were told Reed “had called members of the Dallas Cowboys and was telling them they needed to sign him. They stated he was making threats to harm people if the Cowboys did not sign him.”

When cops arrived to Reed’s home, Reed allegedly fessed up to making the threats — including telling Cowboys employees he was going to “f*** their wife.”

Reed explained he was “frustrated they wouldn’t ‘show him the real money’ and sign him to a contract.”

Something about him led officers to believe that he wasn’t a threat, so they decided not to arrest him. He has been in trouble with the law before. Back in 2013, Reed was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Here’s one of his tweets to the team:

Here’s a photo of Swat outside his home: