Odell Beckham Jr. Comment on Tom Brady’s Instagram Post Has Patriots Fans Buzzing


Here come the ‚Äčtrade rumors.

‚ÄčOdell Beckham, Jr.’s future in New York has long been up in the air, despite the Giants successful pairing of he and stud rookie RB Saquon Barkley. Should Beckham, Jr. in fact want out of the Meadowlands, where would he be headed? His recent instagram activity might be a hint.

Patriots fans are sure to like that comment.

Beckham, Jr. has made friends around the NFL, spending his summers working out with some of the league’s best athletes. He is not alone in his admiration for Brady, and a simple expression of that gratitude shouldn’t be misconstrued as interest in playing on the same team as the GOAT.

But, this is the Patriots we’re talking about. While Brady insists he can play until he’s 50, the window is rapidly closing and the acquisition of a star wideout might jar it open just a bit further.

Brady’s busy in Costa Rica with his family at this juncture, but the Pats are already in full offseason mode. With Beckham, Jr. dropping hints for the world to see, the time is now to make a phone call.