REPORT: NFL Investigating Deflated Football Used in Eagles-Steelers Game


Did you think ​Deflategate was going away just because it wasted nearly two full years and sent ​Tom Brady to the bench? Think again.

Apparently, Brady inspired copycats.

According to Philly radio personality Howard Eskin on the scene at Thursday night’s preseason contest between the Steelers and Eagles, an impressively deflated football was spotted in the hands of Mason Rudolph. Eskin’s colorful vision tells it all.

​​While Eskin’s certainly a loud buffoon, he purports that the NFL is currently handling and investigating the football. Not shockingly, though, the only person with hands-on evidence appears to be the impeccably petty Eskin. Whether this is simply his attempt to knock another Eagles rival down to size or something semi-legitimate is yet to be seen.

Even if it’s the most jarring case of deflation these eyes have ever seen, it’s still August.

I, for one, am curious to see what the punishment for tossing a deflated ball in inarguably the least important game of the year is. Perhaps the Steelers will be sentenced to play an extra preseason game?