REPORT: Tom Brady Threatened Pats With Retirement if They Traded Gronk


​It’s been a day of bombshell reports and rumors coming out of New England. And this one takes the cake.

First, an unconfirmed report surfaced this morning the Patriots were ​working on a deal to trade Rob Gronkowski. Since then, it was suggested that New England had offers on the table from both the Titans and 49ers for one of the best tight ends ever to do it.

The latest stunner, though? Per reporter Adam Kurkjian, New England was on the verge of trading No. 87, but Tom Brady threatened to retire if a deal went through.

Anyone else speechless?

As mentioned above, the Pats had been in talks with both Tennessee and San Francisco, a pair of teams who would love to add a weapon like Gronk to their offense.

Bill Belichick, per Kurkjian, wanted Gronk out of town, and had a meeting with owner Robert Kraft about it. But Brady got word of this and prepared to drop the hammer.

Imagine a world in which both Brady and Gronk were no longer on the Pats. Yup, that’s a dark and scary place.

For their part, of course, the New England PR shop has vehemently denied Kurkjian’s report.

The Patriots are already reeling from the stunning news of ​Julian Edelman’s suspension. Losing more playmakers would be the boiling point for fans everywhere.

For now, it doesn’t look like any blockbuster trades will be going down. But that all could change very soon.

And if for some reason it does, TB12 will be absolutely livid.