Richard Sherman Rips NBA for Basically Ensuring Two ‘Obvious’ Game 7’s


Richard Sherman has built a reputation of being perhaps the most outspoken football player in the NFL.

But this offseason, he has taken his comments to a whole other sport, accusing the NBA of rigging the playoffs to ensure game 7s.

However, it is difficult to prove this conspiracy true. Both Golden State-Houston and ​Cleveland-Boston are very evenly matched series, and if rigging the playoffs for this sake was a thing the NBA did then this should not be the first time both conference finals are in a Game 7 since 1979.

Also, the numbers just don’t line up with Sherman’s claim. In Game 6 of the Celtics-Cavs series, Cleveland was actually called for one more personal foul then Boston. The difference actually was that while Cleveland shot 82% from the free throw line, Boston shot just 55%. ​​

Before ​Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals last night, Sherman came out again with what he supposed was a bold prediction.

To be fair, the Rockets are without their second-best player in Chris Paul. That could really be the main reason for the Warriors’ victory last night, not lopsided officiating. As a matter of fact, last night’s game followed the same trend as the Eastern Conference, with the home team and the trailing team in the series actually getting called for more personal fouls.

Perhaps Sherman should focus more on learning the San Francisco 49ers’ system then contemplating conspiracy in the NBA.