Russell Wilson Surprised Ciara With Sweet New Car for Valentine’s Day


If you bought your crush, girlfriend, wife, or fiance the cliche flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to step up your game to catch Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks quarterback is not shy about confessing his feelings about his wife Ciara. You might’ve been jealous about this relationship in the past and that was before the Seahawks quarterback decided to go above and beyond for Valentine’s Day.

Wilson surprised Ciara (and himself) with some sweet new cars.

That’ll last longer than any bouquet of flowers.

Who said the spice leaves a relationship once you get married? Wilson and Ciara may know everything about one another, but that didn’t stop the Pro Bowl quarterback from keeping his wife on her toes.

Even before the cars, Ciara seemed pretty thrilled to call Wilson her husband.

He posted a video telling Ciara how much he loved her as well, so this would’ve been a tie if Wilson didn’t crush the tiebreaker with two new Mercedes.