Sean Lee Fires Back at Dez Bryant After He Called Him a Snake


Social media has been on fire these last few days. And when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant has been at it calling out whoever he can possibly blame in the wake of recent reporting about various members of the organization having perceived the wide receiver as a major problem that needed to be shipped out.

One of Bryant’s most recent tweets was directed towards his former teammate, ​Sean Lee, whom he”‘inadvertently” called a snake.

When asked to comment, Lee didn’t take to mudslinging, but fired back all the same.

He started by saying that he doesn’t really have the power to get someone cut, and doesn’t really have any input on the roster at all, for that matter. Lee also said that he did butt heads with Dez because he wanted him to be more accountable to himself and his teammates.

That’s honestly been a constant theme throughout this whole debacle.

Lee also went on to say that he feels that Dez should have looked at himself more. What Lee could be trying to say is that Dez was just too much of an immature player, and the prevailing reports tend to back that up.

Sometimes, the best comeback is just stating the truth, because there’s nothing more devastating than facing an argument that you can’t truly dispute. Take a seat, Dez. The way this offseason is shaping up, you might be on the sidelines for a little longer than you first thought.