Sony Michel’s Autograph is Almost Impressively Lazy


Running back Sony Michel was drafted 31st overall by the New England Patriots in 2018’s NFL Draft. As a first-round draft pick and a stud out of UGA, you are sort of forced into stardom right away in your career and don’t really get a chance to ​get used to it.

Here is an example of that.

As you can see, ​Michel’s autograph on this mini Pats football doesn’t quite show off the panache we expect out of a young star.

However, after taking a second glance at this, this is kind of just pathetic. In no way does this say anything in the English language. It just looks like he blindy, yet gracefully, scribbled on the ball.

Try and make out any part of his name. The best I can do is potentially make out the S and the curve of the Y in “Sony” but I’m not even sure if that’s what it is. At the same time, you’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt. This guy probably signs hundreds of balls before and after practice all in a row, so it’s not surprising to see that his hand might get a little tired or lazy after a while.

But I mean…come on, man, at least make it a little legible. For ​Patriots memorabilia collectors, this is almost worthless.