Story Behind How Jerry Jones Cut Terrell Owens is Cutthroat


Six-time Pro Bowler and perennial All-Pro wide receiver Terrell Owens in having himself quite a year in retirement.

Elected to the 2018 Hall of Fame class, that wasn’t the only good news Owens received. Matter of fact, the latest update should have fans everywhere pretty jacked up.

As a gamer myself, to have an electrifying yet controversial figure like T.O. grace the cover makes sense in terms of marketing. My only question is, why don the Cowboys uniform after spending only three of his 15 years as a pro there?

When you hear the story of how he got cut by owner Jerry Jones, that question becomes even more pressing.

According to former NFL/AFL player Eric Crocker, his inside story on how Dallas handled releasing Owens in March of 2009 makes sense as to why No. 81 was blindsided by the decision back then.

Owens burned a lot of bridges throughout his career, and that’s part of the reason he was held out of Canton for as long as he was. But we all know, San Francisco was where he made a name for himself as a player.

Despite all of that, the circle-of-trust treatment hasn’t deterred him away from Dallas, and maybe this gives us a clue as to what team he’ll represent during his induction ceremony in August.