Tom Brady Finally Opens up About Not Shaking Nick Foles’ Hand After Super Bowl Loss


Hmm. We still don’t know what to think.

Everyone remembers New England Patriots QB ‚ÄčTom Brady not shaking hands with Philadelphia Eagles QB ‚ÄčNick Foles after Super Bowl LII, which was a heavily discussed topic for a while after Philly’s first ever

Well, they finally shook hands after Thursday night’s preseason game!

He talked about it after the game and addressed it for the first time everyone freaked out when it happened. He didn’t seem fazed by the criticism and acknowledged he’s got nothing but respect for Foles and the Eagles.

Foles didn’t think much of the whole thing either.

While Brady didn’t really give an explanation for why he didn’t shake Foles’ hand, I guess we’ll just have to take his word for it and believe him when he says he wasn’t being a poor sport. Not sure what he means but everything being “made up” considering he in fact did not shake Foles hand after the game, but what’s done is done and now we can move on after their glorious preseason embrace.