Tom Brady’s Latest Quote is a Slap in the Face to Almost Every NFL Player


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is in the perfect situation. The 42-year-old can retire anytime he wants and his legacy as one of the greatest players ever will be secure, or he could stay with Bill Belichick and the Patriots and rack up another 13-3 season and Super Bowl appearance.

However, if you believe Brady, he still wants to feel like he’s one of the guys, afraid that he could be cut at any moment. These comments, of course, coming after he signed a $70 million contract extension.

Yeah, like the Patriots are REALLY going to cut Tom Brady and go with Brian Hoyer if he struggles in camp. Or even worse…the NFL might deem him too old to play the game!

We get that Brady is trying to relate to his guys, many of whom could be cut following a poor week of practice or for failing to genuflect beneath the altar of Brady, but the reality is that he’s in his own unique stratosphere, far above the rest of the league.

Brady’s great and a very good role model for players who want to break into the league on hard work and diligence, we all know that. One thing he is not, however, is relatable or saddled with the same anxiety that a backup lineman or returner is, knowing that one day their NFL dream could be over in a flash.