Twitter Absolutely Thrashes Le’Veon Bell as He Holds Out From Steelers Camp


​Another NFL preseason is upon us, and so is another Le’Veon Bell holdout.

The star running back was once again handed a franchise tag, and both sides could not reach an agreement on a long-term contract before the deadline last week.

And he is certainly hearing the ire from Steelers fans. Bell commented on ​Todd Gurley’s record-breaking contract extension, and it was not met with positive responses.

Not only that, but he promoted his upcoming rap EP, which is set to be released soon.

Look, we’ll be blunt here, fans were not pleased to see these tweets from the dual-threat running back. And they let him know about it.

This guy had 280 characters at his disposal, and he decided to use 48 of them. Hey, that’s all he needed. But maybe he forgot that Bell was offered a lot less guarateed money than Gurley’s $45 million.

Just a thought.

Just give it a chance. You may like it.

Well, you took the time to reply to it, and to find that specific GIF. So technically, you do care. Just saying.

This Steelers fan has emotional investment in this situation, but this is a bit of a reach.

​​Ah yes, the tirades couldn’t be complete without the ever-popular Cardi B meme.

Tensions are high in Steelers Nation once again, and it will only be a matter of time before Bell returns to the team for the start of the regular season.

For the time being, Twitter is a place for Steelers fans to vent their frustrations until September.