Twitter is Freaking Out Over Le’Veon Bell’s Cryptic Madden Reference


The Pittsburgh Steelers put on a clinic against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football with a 52-21 rout. And once again, they did it all without star running back ​Le’Veon Bell.

But that may not be the case for much longer. Yes, James Conner is tearing up the field and exceeding expectations beyond belief, but the understood deadline for Bell to return is Tuesday and, according to reports, the Steelers want him back very badly.

Perhaps Bell got that message.

Did Le’Veon whoop somebody in Madden, or is he using a metaphor to ​indicate his return is imminent? After all, he did leave Miami and was spotted working out in Pittsburgh this week.

It’s just hard to believe he’s actually going to sit out the full year without playing a single down heading into the biggest offseason of his career. Bell is seeking a massive long-term deal and not showcasing his talents the season prior to that will likely hurt this chances.

But once again, we’ll be sitting here waiting and speculating on Twitter before we see Bell step on the field in Steelers gear.