VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers Trolls NFL Network When Asked About Jordy Nelson


Aaron Rodgers is well known for his goofy antics around the NFL, and in an interview with NFL network earlier on Saturday, it was no different. When Rodgers was asked if he would miss longtime teammate and friend Jordy Nelson in the locker room Rodgers had a terse response that was met with silence.

Of course Rodgers was kidding, as he went on to describe how Nelson was such a big part of the team both on and off the field in Green Bay over his 10 seasons with the Packers.

Nelson is now with the Raiders, teaming up with Derek Carr and Jon Gruden as they attempt to build a new team in Oakland, while Rodgers is gearing up for another likely contending season with the Pack.

​The Raiders vs. Packers preseason game will be nationally televised, so that should be one filled with storylines since it’ll be the first time Rodgers and Nelson play each other for the first time in their careers.