VIDEO: Bears QB Chase Daniel Hilariously Goes Undercover as Fan to Prank Teammates


For the ​Bears’ sake, they better hope that their offense reads opposing defenses better than​ disguises. Although he probably won’t see much time on the field during the season, Chase Daniel won fans over with his undercover outfit at practice. In a hilarious skit released by the team’s Twitter account, Daniel wore a ​Mitchell Trubisky jersey and a bucket hat, as he tried to get as many autographs as possible. It’s safe to say that the former Saints backup did a phenomenal job fooling his teammates.

Outside of Josh Bellamy and Kyle Long, the Bears weren’t exactly aware that Daniel was undercover.

Not even Trubisky caught on, until the former No. 1 overall pick was told to look under the bucket hat. Fortunately, the camera caught his reaction.

Never change, Chase Daniel, never change.

From screaming out players names to asking how much they make from their signing bonus, the Bears second-string quarterback truly made us laugh with this spectacular video.

They may have lost their matchup against the Ravens, but they bounced back in a major way with this prank.