VIDEO: Bills Post Embarrassing Nathan Peterman Hype Video


So…did anyone actually expect Nathan Peterman to come out and surprise people? Or that he’d at least become an average quarterback? No? Didn’t think so. Apparently, the Buffalo Bills thought they could fool the sports world by putting out a Peterman hype video before the season began, touting their starting quarterback. It was laughable then and now, after we’ve gotten our first sight of Peterman in 2018, it’s downright depressing.

Where exactly did they find all of those completions? And, more importantly, why can’t they find them now?

Peterman and the Bills were getting demolished halfway through the third quarter with a score of 40-0 in favor of the Baltimore Ravens. The quarterback completed just 5 of his 18 passes for 24 yards along with 2 interceptions.

If Josh Allen is actually worse than this guy, then the Bills have a problem. And if they’re just sitting Allen to gain experience by watching Peterman, then they still have a problem!

In complete honesty, nobody expected Peterman to be a quality quarterback. Did anyone see a 40-0 blowout in Week 1? Maybe not, but should we expect anything different from the guy who turned the ball over five times in one half last season?

No, we shouldn’t. And Buffalo shouldn’t expect their fans to. That’s wrong on them in what’s a completely disastrous situation for the Bills.