VIDEO: Official Preview Released of Aaron Rodgers and Gronk Swimming With Sharks


​Most New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers fans probably aren’t particularly comfortable with their franchise players swimming with sharks, but Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski decided they wanted to give it a try. They made it out alive. Don’t believe us? You’ll have the chance to see it for yourself.

Joined by Lindsey Vonn, the trio will dive into the ocean to get an in depth look at sharks and learn about the shark’s top predators and the efforts to try and save dwindling fish populations.

They will also be learning why shark populations are in trouble, meeting with researchers who use satellite technology to help the cold-blooded animals.

In typical ​Rob Gronkowski fashion, he poses for a thumbs up picture with a shark right next to him with a witty caption.

Aaron Rodgers​ had a great reason for doing the show, saying that he wanted to get over his fear of sharks.

Don’t worry, NFL fans, your favorite players made it out alive, and they helped marine life and spread the message along the way.