VIDEO: Packers RB Jamaal Williams Injured Ankle in Blatantly Dirty Play


​The Packers have already suffered enough injuries this preseason, yet they were almost dealt an unfair blow during their game against the Steelers. On ​Jamaal Williams’ final carry of the night, Green Bay’s tailback felt his ankle completely twist when he was tackled. Well, it turns out that Pittsburgh’s Vince Williams gave his best version of Kurt Angle’s finisher, blatantly attacking Williams’ ankle at the bottom of the pile.

Folks, that’s the definition of a “bush league” play.

With ​the Pack currently missing Aaron Jones for the first two games of the regular season, losing another tailback would complicate their backfield competition even more. As for Pittsburgh’s linebacker, there hasn’t been any word on possible consequences.

​​Despite having his ankle rolled back, Williams expects to practice for head coach Mike McCarthy this week, as he claims it’s nothing serious. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that he received this injury from a cheap shot.