VIDEO: Tom Brady Completely Jukes Out His Son in Backyard Football Session


Tom Brady is not known for his quickness on the football field, but perhaps after 18 seasons in the ​NFL, he thinks it’s about time he takes things to a new level. Well, he’s working on his elusiveness and his son paid the price.

Now yes, the opponents Brady will be facing come the regular season will be larger and stronger, but this has got to be a good substitute right?

I mean if Brady can get his son to bite at his little stutter step, I’m sure 6-5, 300-pound linemen will also blow it.

This isn’t the first time this offseason that we have seen Brady take the family competition seriously, as just a few days ago video surfaced of a nice friendly ​dodgeball game between the Brady family.

At least friendly is what you think the game would be when you have people of all ages participating. However, the ​Patriots quarterback didn’t hold back, firing lasers at everyone, including his own mother.

​​Brady obviously takes his family competition seriously, and it is only a matter of time until there is another casualty of his competitiveness.