VIDEO: Tom Brady Skipped OTA’s to Hang Out in Monaco and Throw Touchdown Passes Off a SuperYacht


For the first time in eight years, ​Tom Brady is not present at New England’s OTAs. The five-time Super Bowl champ cited wanting to spend more time with his family as his reason for missing voluntarily workouts, but it seems the quarterback got caught red-handed.

Brady is in fact ​spending the weekend in Monaco, hanging out with Kris Jenner, the Hilfigers, and others in wake of the Monaco Grand Prix.

At least Brady is enjoying himself now, because he probably won’t be once word of this gets back around to Bill Belichick. ​​​The two were reportedly at odds all of last season, and this situation could only make matters worse.

In defense of Brady, at least he was still working out his arm, throwing passes across the Monte Carlo harbor to Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

If you want to call this a defense of Brady, he was almost definitely there on a sponsorship deal with TAG Heuer. One could then draw the conclusion that at the moment, money is more important to Brady than practice.